Epoxy Floor Coating

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Epoxy Floor Coating

Luminous Ace Painting And Decorating Pty Ltd is a team of local epoxy flooring experts in Canberra. We are specialized in all types of epoxy floor coating. The epoxy floor coatings we offer are hard wearing, slip resistance resin-based products, which are functional, easy to clean, and maintain.

If your concrete floor is looking worn and tired then you should hire the best epoxy coating expert in Canberra to make it shiny and attractive. We are specialized in turning an ordinary floor to an extraordinary. Epoxy coating is suitable for house floors, office floors, school floors, industrial floors. We have a team of professional epoxy coating experts who can do it for you without any hassle.

We have trained and experienced epoxy floor coating experts, equipped with the latest technologies and methodologies. Call today for the best epoxy floor coating service in Canberra at +61-0411 472 822 and book us.

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